100% recyclable signage solutions for green events.

Formed Plastic

We offer 32 standard styles with typical 2-day production, or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo with typical 6-day production. It includes custom painting and sculpted detail for individual letters and numbers, or molded to a custom logo design. We source from Gemini Sign Productions, who use Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, which is a tough UV-stable, non-petroleum, completely recyclable plastic with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer LED and chrome options for added visibility.

Fabrics & Textiles

Our textiles are earth-friendly. Our manufactured polyester is  20% recycled and 100% recyclable. With MBDC and EPEA, we analyze every ingredient in polyester, choosing safe and environmentally sound dyestuffs, auxiliary chemicals, and catalysts, transforming recycling from costly waste management  into waste elimination. We also implement a water-based textile coating technology, allowing 75% to 90% of the coatings to be biodegradable.

Our manufacturing process complies with all ecological certification, exceeding 2020 compliance. Two textiles in particular couldn’t be more “green”: UltraTex™ Organic and UltraCotton™. Since these textiles are both made of 100% natural and organic materials such as Ingeo®, plant fibers and cotton, they are innately biodegradable/compostable and recyclable.

Acrylics & Polycarbs

We send the smaller pieces and damaged pieces off of sheets to be recycled.


Signabond is a popular eco-friendly signage material with an aluminum exterior and a solid core normally made from recycled polyethylene.

UltraCotton™ C370

UltraCotton™  C370 is 11 oz. and is woven, 100%-natural cotton with a water-based coating on one side. The heavy, crease-free, canvas-like texture make it ideal for art reprographics for theatrical events and tradeshows. This natural cotton material is recyclable and biodegradable. It is recommended for indoor use only. Available in widths ranging from 61” to 198”.


Ultraboard is 100% recyclable because it is 100% polystyrene.  All of our products except Ultra Core have 30% recycled material put back in the foam center as we extrude it.

Green Brainstorming

Save yourself time and money. Let us consult, plan, and implement best practices for your next event.  Our skill lies in seeing its requirements to make it successful for you and efficient for us.

· reduce ·

A successful event requires effective signage for sponsor recognition, directional routes, rules and fundraising - traditionally temporary and wasteful. We can change that. A consultation at the beginning reduces spending and stress.

· reuse ·

This is what we do. Signage from recurring events can be reused if made properly. If not the signage, you can still reuse many sign and banner frames for the next time. Don't have storage space? We'll stow it for you.

· recycle ·

Implementing green events is part of how we "Do good work." We can pick up and reuse or recycle any items you choose not to keep.

Green Products Available
Books & BookletsBrochuresBusiness CardsEDDM PostcardsFlat CardsHang TagsLabels/StickersPackagingPostcardsPostersPresentation FoldersWhite Ink CardsBookmarksCalendarsCatalogsDoorhangersEnvelopesFlyers/Sell SheetsGreeting CardsLetterheadsMailing ProductsNewslettersNotepadsPocket FoldersRackcardsBanners with StandsBannersLarge Print FormatsRigid PostersWall Graphics


Take every opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Use eco-solvent and Roland inks.

Recycle our printer toner cartridges.

Use recycling bins at all work areas.

Wash and drink from ceramics and glass jars to cut down on disposable cups.

Use a coffee maker instead of a Keurig to reduce paper waste.

Switched from plastic bottles to an installed Culligan water system.

Plan 100% LED lighting and 0% waste sent to a landfill.

Plan to plant flowers & other flora around the shop to help recycle our air.

Check labels on cleaning products, kiboshing harsh chemicals leaching into the soil.

Will soon switch business management software so we can send invoices, receipts, and other documents to customers digitally.

Distribute written meeting information electronically.

Recharge our electronics, never using traditional alkaline batteries.

Reclaim and reuse unwanted customer materials

Research ways to reduce the impact our production process has on the environment.

Strive to source materials from companies that also value their environmental impact.